DebtBlue’s Advantage Loan:

The Best Way to Beat Credit Card Debt

It’s Fast. It’s Easy. And Your Credit Will Thank You.

DebtBlue’s Advantage Loan

How Does It Work?


Get Started

Enroll in the DebtBlue Advantage Loan Program. Call one of our professional representatives or complete our short form.

Stay Committed

Stay diligent in the program for as little as 6 months; DebtBlue negotiates a settlement.

Leverage Our LOC

A DebtBlue Advantage Line of Credit (LOC)** is used to pay off remaining credit card balances.

Gain an Advantage You!

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DebtBlue’s Advantage Line of Credit: Our “Secret Sauce”

Our Advantage Line of Credit isn’t like the others. It leaves your credit score intact, which is how it’s different. That means you’ll be able to qualify for a mortgage or auto loan faster with DebtBlue’s Advantage Line Of Credit.

  • Our Line of Credit restores ratios to re-establish credit
  • Creditors are paid off in as little as 6 months
  • Zero balance with creditors — No utilization
  • No long-term negative mark on tradelines — shows “paid to zero balance”
  • New open tradeline with a smaller balance
  • Establishes new payment history/seasoning with just 4-5 payments
  • Retros back to the start of the plan to show age of credit

PAY OFF high-interest credit cards

KEEP your credit score for future needs

SECURE one low, fixed monthly payment

Let Our Professional Negotiations Team Go to Work for You

Credit Card Companies are Reducing More Than 50% of Our Client’s Balances

Our team of expert negotiators is available to negotiate on your behalf. Pay half of what you owe with it reported as “paid to $0 balance.” Check out settlement letters from our a few clients:

$18,810 Owed, Settled for Only $8,464

Client paid less than 41% of what they owed. Creditor: Lending Club.

$2,447 Owed, Settled for Only $979

Client paid less than 40% of what they owed. Creditor: First Bank Card.

$1,248 Owed, Settled for Only $687

Client paid less than 55% of what they owed. Creditor: Bank of America.