Everyone wants to save money and budget wisely, but sometimes it can seem like a daunting task when you’re weighed down with bills, debt, and everyday expenses. Luckily, the tech world has taken notice and they’ve created a ton of incredible (and free!) budgeting apps to help save, pay bills, track expenses, and overall manage your money smarter. With so many budgeting apps continuously popping up on the market, it can be overwhelming sifting through all of them. But have no fear, because we’ve done all the hard work for you by researching the best apps out there. We’re sure you’ll find one to fit your personalized needs.

So keep reading, download your favorite, and get ready to soon crush those 2019 resolutions to live more financially confident. Anyone can get into debt, and anyone can get out of it. We’re here to help you! Let’s get started.


Every Dollar

Say hello to an app that is going to make your life so much easier. Every Dollar creates a personalized monthly budget so that you can accomplish your money goals in the fastest way possible. First, you add up all of your income that you plan on bringing in for that month. Next, you plan out all of your expected expenses such as monthly bills, groceries, etc. into their easy-to-use, customizable templates. Finally, it’s time to track your spending. Stick to your plan and also record everything unexpected you spend during the month into the app. This app really budgets every single dollar of your money and makes it crystal clear to see where it is going and when. If you tend to overspend or are trying to save more money per month, this app will give you a great overall picture of your money so you can start being more mindful. It’s so effective it’s been featured on USA Today, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, Woman’s Day, and more!

“Every Dollar has given me hope and direction, two things that I desperately need at this point in my life.” – Megan E., Missouri



Just as the name implies, PocketGuard has one goal in mind: to protect your valuable money. It’s a simple to use all-in-one bank account tracking/budget management app that safely connects to all of your financial accounts to shows you exactly how much money you have versus how much you’re spending. The app connects to your checking, credit, and savings accounts through an encrypted, read-only connection, so it’s completely secure, yet still allows you to see the status of your accounts/transactions in real time. The app tracks your monthly income, bills, expenses, and savings automatically. It also sorts through your purchases, subscriptions, and reoccurring bill payments (internet, phone, gym, TV) to not only remind you to pay these but to give you an estimate of how much you can safely spend before going into the negatives. PocketGuard  crushes the budgeting game by tracking your budget for you while at the same time lowering your spending. You can even set ‘spending limits’ if you need extra motivation to stop buying a daily coffee or weekly Chinese takeout. (It adds up!)

Essentially, this app is great for anyone who is often left wondering “Can I spend this money right now?”, which is what many budgeters often want to know. See for yourself how PocketGuard can help rebuild your wealth and encourage overall smarter financial decisions.



This smart banking app helps to automate your budget and savings goals effortlessly. Seriously, it couldn’t be any easier! You set the “rules” and Qapital automatically deposits a small amount into your savings (aka goals account) based on your purchases. For example, you can make a rule to deposit $10 into your goals account every time you hit up the gym. Another rule example is that you could automatically round up to the nearest dollar on any purchase made. So if your daily smoothie costs $4.50, it would round up to $5 and put the extra $.50 directly into your savings. The money you save is easily transferable to your bank account or you can get a Qapital Visa Debit Card if you prefer. Qapital helps you reach your savings goals faster and smarter with very little effort on your part. For all of the visual people out there, you can even set pictures to your savings goals. A gorgeous Hawaiian sunset or new car is sure to make you speed up the savings process and skip out on that $60 hoodie.

Another great aspect to this app is its investment aspects. Pre-built portfolios help new investors gain confidence while they’re just starting out. The way it works is you simply give Qapital a timeline and they cover the rest. They will even diversify your funds so you don’t have all of your eggs in one basket. It’s ideal for millennials who are interested in investing or anyone who is beginning to dabble in it. Qapital has been featured on Forbes, Tech Crunch, and Fast Company.

“Qapital offers portfolios that match the length of the goal with how to invest…What’s the advantage of the goals-based approach? It helps temper spending.” – Forbes



Ranked as the #1 finance app in 22 countries and a “must-have app” according to Apple, Wally definitely earned itself a spot on our list. Wally’s main goal is to bring all of your financial information together so that you can take control exactly the way you want. Users can set up a savings target, spending budget, and income, all of which you can easily access from the main screen. It gives you a quick snapshot of your remaining budget and even has a receipt scanner so that you can easily add expenses as you make them. A major benefit is that it’s friendly with all foreign currencies, making it great for those who travel often. Another neat benefit is the location setting, which will show where you are, so all you have to do is enter the amount you spend. It also gets smarter the more you use it thanks to its machine learning, artificial intelligence, and smart algorithms. Wally is there by your side every day giving you smart reminders as well as spending and saving goals to follow day by day. Tackling finances and defeating debt isn’t easy, but Wally sure makes it seem like it in a fun and upbeat way. Think of Wally as your own personal financial advisor, right at your fingertips.

Thanks to these amazing apps, you have even more power to climb out of debt once and for all. Budgeting and saving smartly can ultimately lead to financial freedom. Start changing your life for the better and try out some of these great apps out for yourself. For further help, contact DebtBlue to talk with someone who understands your situation and can help. Remember, we’re in this together.