Why was my debt settlement account moved to DebtBlue?
DebtBlue acquired First Choice Credit Management (FCCM) in October 2020 and stands ready to deliver superior service to our new FCCM clients. We ask that you are patient with us as we get to know you and your situation better. We also ask that you not judge us by your past experience and allow DebtBlue to earn your trust.
I have tried to call DebtBlue but sometimes have to wait longer than I expect.
There is no excuse for this client service experience, and this is not the start we wanted you to have with DebtBlue. We are growing fast, and there have been some hiccups. With COVID, it has been difficult to increase and train staff fast enough to handle all our calls, emails and backend operations. Our promise is to do our best to answer every call; but when we don’t, please leave a voicemail and we will return your call to address your request.
Why didn’t FCCM notify me after the acquisition?
FCCM sent emails to all acquired clients at the end of 2020. We know some clients didn’t receive the email, and we apologize for that. FCCM and DebtBlue are working together to provide an easy transition.
What are my options for contacting DebtBlue?
Our contact information is listed below:

  • Phone: 469-405-5401 (main Client Success number)
  • Text Message: 972-440-5767
  • Creditor Hotline: 469-498-9563
  • Fax: 888-980-8273
  • Email: vip@sale.debtblue.com

Please keep in mind: ALL settlements must be approved before we execute the settlement. That’s why it’s important that you return our calls and texts in a timely manner. You can also pre-approve settlements under 50%. If you would like more information about this, please contact the Client Success team.

What changes for me and my account as a DebtBlue client?
DebtBlue now manages the debt reduction program you started with FCCM. Nothing changes with your debt reduction program or your escrow account. Your debt reduction program is being managed by team members who genuinely care and who are committed to serving you with excellence. Simply put: This transfer of services doesn’t impact you or change your program.
Will things be better for me as I work with DebtBlue?
Definitely. DebtBlue is committed to your success. We’re committed to being here for the duration of your debt relief program and to being a leader in our industry for many years to come. The DebtBlue team is comprised of certified debt consultants who are determined to make your journey to debt freedom the best—and the shortest—journey possible.

Aggressive settlements for your credit accounts, responsive service, and open communications… That’s what you can look forward to as a DebtBlue client.

Where do I send documents?
The most secure way to get documents to us? Upload them to your client portal. This provides instant access for our team members and bypasses the pitfalls of snail mail. To access your client portal, simply click Client Logins from the menu at the top of any page of this website (sale.debtblue.com).

If you need help accessing or activating your portal, please call 469-405-5401 or send us a note: vip@sale.debtblue.com. You can also send statements by email to vip@sale.debtblue.com.

If you need to send us physical copies of your documents, our mailing address follows:
1125 E. Campbell Rd., Suite 200
Richardson, TX 75081

How do I get legal help? 
As your account was being transitioned, you should have received an email from Veritas, Fortress Family Legal Plan (residents of Florida and Virginia) or Council Law Group. If you need to get connected to the right legal team for your account, please call us. We’ll send you information about your particular plan and connect you with the right team for your program.
Should I call FCCM for any reason?
Any calls made to FCCM end up with our friendly, capable Client Success team. We’ve received this question enough that it deserves to be addressed. Rest assured: DebtBlue now services your account with its full attention.
Are my payments changing?
You will continue funding your account through the payment processor you’ve been using to-date. Your special purpose deposit accounts, monthly drafts and other details remain unchanged.
Do my creditors know that I’m in the DebtBlue program now?
Yes. Your creditors are fully aware that DebtBlue is now servicing your accounts. Nothing changes with your agreements to reduce and resolve your debt, and your negotiations will continue as normal.
Will I need to sign anything?
Yes. If you haven’t already, call our Client Success team to have a Welcome Packet sent to you for electronic signature. This Welcome Packet contains an Authorization to Communicate form, which we need to have signed in order to work with all of your creditors. This form shows that you authorize us to speak on your behalf.
Does this mean my entire program is starting over?
No, any previous settlement arrangements will not be changed by the migration.